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Halloween Party (Cuantm Flx VIII)

Halloween Party with host Jeff Ryan
Costume Contest with $100 prize
Thriller Contest
Beer Pong
Corn Hole
Special Performance by Ill Ruckus
DJs BLB and Diezel


PJMA Board of Directors Meeting Thursday 19 Oct @ 8:00 PM

PJMA Board of Directors Meeting will held on Thursday 19 Oct  8:00 PJMA at 8:00 PM EST. 

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 Thursday 19 Oct 2017
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Eastern Time

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Featured Band RVNT to Revenge at Park Rock Fest

Revenant or better know as RVNT is a metal core band from Virginal Beach.  An area known for the longest beach is also the brewing grounds for bands where hotels and restaurant abound with opportunities for musicians to develop their skills.  RVNT is one of those bands that has come to the surface with the right formula for metal core and exceptionally excelled performances.

RVNT got started from the former members of to other metalcore VA based bands called Under City Skylines and STILL, I RISE. After multiple member changes and a push for some creative contrast, they decided that the new band wouldn’t be the same as their former bands, so they went with a re-branded image to match their new direction.  The word ”revenant” in definitive terms was said to be a ghost that came back from the dead to seek revenge on the people who had caused them wrongdoing.  The band let that overall concept become instilled in all the aspects of the band itself, thus giving it that edginess.  The band is made up of 6 members: Ricky Gillis – Vocals, Jeremy Anderson - Guitar/Vocals, Matt Madariaga – Guitar, Fabian Castaneda – Drums, and Christian Gordon - Bass.

They recently completed a 10 day tour with A Scent Like Wolves and Softspoken. The tour allowed RVNT to see that they are ready for the road and could do long stretches and still be a great performance driven band and all get along.  The band is embracing the grind and working as hard as ever to let the band grow and get bigger.

RVNT is currently tracking the final parts their sophomore release, a full length, which should be finished very soon. Expect a single out shortly to keep the listeners intrigued.   RVNT is slated to play out some more, including 2 festivals to play at!  One of the festivals is the Park Rock Fest.

Palisades to Headline Park Rock Fest 2017

Coming to headline the Park Rock Fest 2017 is the band Palisades.  The band was formed in 2011 as a 6 member band out of Iselin, New Jersey.

They call their music post hardcore; which is a punk rock music genre that maintains the aggression and intensity of hardcore punk but emphasizes a greater degree of creative expression.  They truly have pushed the limits of a greater degree of creative expression with the 3 albums they have release and the songs they perform.  Their sound is innovative and heavy, with their third record: their songs are now appealing to a broader audience, and not only to fans of classic alternative rock.  Palisades describe their sound as a mixture of hip hop, EDM and rock and strive for shows that resemble “an electric high energy party”. Influenced by new member Graves, the band combines heavy bass and guitar lines with a wide electronic range and excellent vocals performed by Louis Miceli.

Silvertung Unpluged Headlines the Acoustic Stage

Hailing from Maryland, Silvertung brings a fresh, infectious sound to the DMV music scene. This four man modern rock band skillfully can "perform hit cover tunes", however, it's the Silvertung originals that prove to be the crowd favorites. As a live act, Silvertung puts on a powerhouse performance which has earned them their solid reputation and their legion of growing fans, known as "The Tung Nation." Silvertung has also shared the stage with national acts: Godsmack, Disturbed, 3 Days Grace, Drowning Pool, ShineDown, BuckCherry, Filter, My Darkest Days, Popa Roach, Staind Pop Evil, Charm City Devils and many more. SilverTung's musical marksmanship, high energy stage show, and crowd interaction all add up to a recipe of success.

According to Speed, after a few false starts, the definitive Silvertung line-up finally began to take shape. "When I met Skoot I was all but drained. Skoot listened to some demo tracks I had recorded and said, 'These songs are great. I will help you rebuild Silvertung.' A year later, we met our drummer, Danno and started writing more songs. We were performing local shows with nationals and a few short tours. We had a few guitarists that ended up not working. But then we met Codey through one of our social sites. We brought Codey in and within the first song of the audition we knew he was our guy. He performed the songs with us like he had been in the band for years."


Last summer, Maryland’s Silvertung released an EP called “Out Of The Box,” which packed an album’s worth of ideas into six songs. The band grabbed great producer Steven Wright to record their new album. Steven, who has worked with everyone from Slipknot to Avril Lavigne, took the band on the recording whirlwind and helped the guys realize the sound they were after. The band’s basic foundation of moody hard rock expanded to include jarring tempo and tonal changes; layered, multi-textured vocals; and jackhammer riffs that shifted shape seemingly every few seconds. Take for example the last track on the album, “You & Me.” It is reminiscent of your staple 80s power ballad. In contrast, “Ain’t That A Bitch” is a self-reflective song with the rhythm of a train that won’t stop for your Prius stuck on the tracks of life’s harsh lessons. It’s groovy, and the hook chorus will wiggle into your head and become your catch phrase on life for the next few days, or at least after you listen to it a few times.

As it turns out, this stylistic restlessness of the EP was a winner; the band scored three Top 5 hits on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts and won two Maryland Music Awards, easily their best showing in a seven-year career. “It was a big turning point,” says Speed, the band’s singer, guitarist, and founder. “A lot of the gears have shifted and put us on another level. Our sound is so much bigger. We’re growing so quickly now.” In fact, the band has become so confident in their sound that, for their next project, they’re planning to unplug for the first time. “We haven’t really talked about it to anyone else, but we’re doing demos for a live acoustic album,” Speed says. “We love playing heavy stuff; that’s where our hearts are. But when you’re playing acoustic stuff, you really start to test yourself and your capability as a musician.” Silvertung has picked the Park Rock Fest Acoustic Stage to first perform their unplugged song for the enjoyment of southern Maryland. This acoustic SilverTung show, is an experience that you can't live without!!

Convictions to Impact Park Rock 2017

The featured metal band at Park Rock 2017 is the band Conviction.  They hail from Fremont, OH, the four piece Christian metalcore act known as Convictions is making an impact on the world. Dubbing themselves “Aggressive Worship,” the band is not your everyday Christian band. Setting out to write lyrical content based on their own “convictions,” the band covers topics that push the boundaries.

The band was started in 2012.  Today Convictions consisted of Vocalists Michael Felker, Bassist and Vocalist John Fleischmann, Guitarist Joshua Canode, and Drummer Zachary Schwochow. The genre as a style they've created called Aggressive Worship is an emotional mix of spirit filled hardcore and ambiance. The band's release, Hallowed Spirit Violent Divide charted on #6 in the Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums on iTunes.  They are signed with In Vogue Record.

They have been very busy this year, starting off with an around the world tour starting in German, then on to Netherlands, UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Russia, Japan, Canada and then back to the US hitting 20 states.  Their most recent shows were on June 28 at Creationfest in Mount Union, PA, July 8 at Summer Metal Fest in Ann Arbor, MI, and Aug 13 at iMatter Fest in Horseheads, NY.


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